The One Thing You Have to Have at Your Wedding

There is an ideal wedding that every couple preparing for the wedding day has in mind. You as the bride will most probably work tirelessly to ensure that every meticulous detail goes according to plan on the big day. So as the day approaches, you keep checking off the list. You have the guest list, your cake, the rings, the maids and groomsmen, and of course your groom, wedding dress and jewelry, among the long list of must-haves you had in mind.

So far so good. You have everything covered, right? Well, not quite. One must-have is missing from that list. A photo booth. For our wedding we rented the popular InstaStyle Photo Booth and it was the hit of the reception. And in case you are wondering about the practicality of having a photo booth on your big day, here are some of the reasons why you cannot go wrong with this option;

• Creating memorable moments – Guests to your wedding will gladly take those photos where they stand angled in a particular direction and pause for the camera. But how about you throw a mix into this traditional and conventional way and introduce a photo booth? It will allow them to take photos with the props available; in fact it will be difficult to keep a straight face while wearing those fake ears and a sombrero. Both the young and the old will have some good fun as they pose and in the process also create memorable photos for your wedding album.

• Filling in waiting time – After saying your vows, you will highly likely go for a photo shoot with the groom and bridal team. In the process of waiting for you to get back, the guests can fill up this time by taking some fun photo booth shots. This way, you and your bridal team will not be under pressure to get back to the reception urgently. Your guests will also keep any boredom away as they wait for your return.

• Providing fun moments for everyone – In addition to dancing and the interaction that goes on in a wedding, photos taken in photo booth can be a lot of fun. It can literally add some spice to the celebrations as the guests let lose; both the young and the old can have fun while taking silly photos of themselves.

• Creating a scrap book – Some of the providers of photo booth services provide the couple with a scrap book. After the photos are taken, then two copies are produced; whereby the couple remains with one copy while the other person carries a souvenir item of the second copy home. Guests can even decide to add personalized messages for the couple as they take the photo. This way, the couple will get to keep those treasured moments taken on their wedding day with their guests.

Preferably, make this experience even better by having a video inclusive as part of the photo booth package. You will be able to keep and treasure both still photos and videos of your guests having fun on your wedding day. Am sure you can create a wonderful experience by adding this one thing to your wedding list; so go on, make the inclusion and have turn up the fun!

4 Simple Steps Towards Finding The Right Bridal Shop

Are you planning to walk the love of your life down the aisle soon? For most people, a wedding is a special occasion as, in most cases, it happens only once in their lifetime. If you’re the bride, then you know how important your choice of gown is. You could have all eyes rolling in your direction or earn the “unfashionable” or “so last season” tag. Finding the right wedding dress however, depends heavily on the bridal shop you choose. A good shop will help you get the attire just perfect for you while a bad one will make things harder for you. It’s therefore important to keep several things in mind when picking a bridal shop to help make the experience hassle-free for you.

Choosing a bridal shop

1. Consider your budget 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that virtually everything depends on your budget. It doesn’t matter whether you want a one-stop service or prefer a designer bridal shop; your decision will be influenced by how much you have or are willing to spend. If possible, sit your man down and discuss what you want for the wedding and how much you’re willing to spend on it.

Try to get answers for a few questions: Do you want to hire or buy the gown? Are you looking for an off-the-rack gown or a brand new one custom-made to your size? Will you also rent accessories from the shop? When you have a clearly laid out budget, you can be able to narrow down the scope of your search and focus on boutiques that fit within your budget.

2. Search for wedding dress shops in your area

Today the Internet has tons and tons of information and you can find listings of shops in your area. Simply do a quick Google search and list a few of the boutiques. In my case I live in Columbus Ohio so I typed in wedding dresses in Columbus Ohio and found this bridal store. After you find a shop that peaks your interest, head over to and see if they have any ratings or reviews. In my case, Ivy Bridal Studio had 9 extremely positive reviews which left me reassured.

Alternatively, ask a recently engaged or married friend or colleague to find out if they have somewhere they can recommend.

3. Check their websites

Once you have a list of a few prospective wedding dress shops, the next thing is to visit their websites to see the types of gowns they offer and special packages(if any) as well as find out whether the look & feel of the site is close to what you had in mind. Cross out names of boutiques that don’t seem suited to
your needs.

4. Make appointments

The next step towards choosing a bridal shop is to schedule for appointments over the phone.
This will provide an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have as well as try out some of the dresses. This is not the time to shy off! It’s important to see and try some of the gowns they have on stock in order to get a feel of not only the material but also the cut and fit.

If the shop is known for a certain design or silhouette, request to see samples. Also be sure to ask if they offer different types of wedding & evening gowns and whether they have bridal packages (might include photography, hair or even makeup services). That way, you can be able to make an informed decision regarding your choice of a wedding dress boutique.